If anything, it may be argued that the incidence of unarmed

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But guy I wouldn't want to become a young teen today. Our shit was just beginning to be on the world wide web back when communities have been smaller and we could go delete things we mentioned or used different names for Animal Crossing New Horizons Items everything. Now if you're even decent at whatever everyone knows who you are and screencaps any somewhat offensive thing you ever say.

Man if they could have been in a number of their large level halo scrims I was in back then everyone there would be perma-cancelled.

My issue was only with the Fire Emblem franchise, as most have stated. I love Ike and I'm glad he is in, but he sure does complicate things. Fire Emblem will not get more than 3 repetitions unless this match has 50+ characters, and I think that it's too diverse a series for all its repetitions to become blue-haired sword users. Frankly, what would simplify things was when Marth simply didn't come back, but he's too important to the show and he's a veteran(for the record, I'm glad he's back, I am only saying it'd simplify matters if he was not ).

There are NO defining characteristics about him that warrent the improvement into Brawl. None. I'm not familiar with the FE series, but gimme Hector, even in the event that you gotta possess someone. Or an INTERESTING swordfighter.

Could among the Ike supporters please point out to me exactly what makes Ike different? Why is Ike so unqiue that he wants to be contained into what might possibly be the best figthing game of all time?

4: You will find too many swordsmen already!

That's your opinion, and you are eligible for it. Do not make the mistake of assuming it to be a rule for SSB, however. We have no sign that Sakurai is concerned about the weapons employed by each individual character -- and if anything, the very fact that newcomers are using swords in larger numbers this time (see Pit, Meta Knight, and Ike; and that's with hardly over half the anticipated roster revealed) is an indication that he is not very worried about it. Super Smash Brothers isn't Street Fighter -- theres no"unwritten rule" limiting weapons usage to a minimum or providing fist-fighters a taste over weapon-wielders.

If anything, it may be argued that the incidence of unarmed fighters are best balanced out from the addition of weapon-users, swords or (that's not an argument I'd make myself, but it might be produced out of more merit than the debate that there are too many swords-users). Anyway, the simple truth is that swords are the most frequent weapon given to video game heroes, because they're the archetypical heroic weapon -- have been since the Samurai of Japan along with the myths of the knights of Europe. There's no good reason to punish characters such as that. The character's weapon or fighting style of buy Animal Crossing Items selection is not a good reason to restrict them from SSB; its own nothing but pure private bias.