The gap between the OSRS and RS3 teams

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Wouldn't even bother using it for altars anymore. Make a hidey holes, do outside and RuneScape gold some quests that there's no purpose whatsoever for the skill. The ability serves no purpose. Requires an whole rework and people need to stop pretending like getting an in-house Bank is a sport destroyer, like we do not possess 1 click infinite access to several banks with the capability to come back to our prior location just as instantly. Times have changed considerably. If you'd like construction to be a fantastic worthwhile cosmetic QoL ability to construct a GOOD home with, you want banking, correct decoration screen, the present portal room need a tune up.

Or it may be a world gate notion: 1 portal with unlocked locations added by charging it. Aka all of spellbook teleports available should you pay it to charge exactly like it currently is. Training the ability using high EXP rates outside the house the suitable manner, then you construct the actual home parts after you are the right level. Priffdinas, Dwarven, Holiday, All of the Gods, All the Biomes (Daemonheim, Desert, Freminik, etc). This is more of an expansion into the walls and floor option.

Personally I would be 100% down with Structure being a money sink with little to no use in Runescape. The house itself could do with functionality. Let us make a home and move the furniture around. If we're afforded the choice at least to be liberated and appreciate it like a home then I believe that are a happy medium. You have ta give it usage or performance since it stands it is a waste of money and that I just leveled it to get to Prif. I believe Higgs was focusing on changes that flip the homes into more of an RP focused area as opposed to a support facility. And something more like base camp or a Player Owned Barracks could be a fantastic alternate to add support performance.

I think that they're looking at it as a way to add functionality without it being radically different concerning training and it has influence on outside facets of Runescape. More like incorporating RP functionality, than skill functionality. Sort of like a normal residence by making them a place to socialize/facilitate parties or something. I can sort of see where they're coming from, due to the nature of a'house' being what it's IRL, the seeming overwhelming need of cheap OSRS gold the playerbase is to make the POH into more of a Player possessed base camp or Barracks, a place to visit make prepping for different tasks faster/easier for some player.