100% Old School Runescape Piscarilius Favour Guide

This guide will begin by describing why Piscarilius House Favor should be added to your account. In truth the benefits from this house aren't as good as the other houses.

Welcome to my 100% Piscarilius House Favour Guide. This article explains the reasons you should receive favour as well as how to go from 0 - 100% in one hour, the best alternatives, as well as suggestions specifically for Ironmen.

A quick note before I get into it - it is no longer necessary to lock in your favour in any of the houses, since it no longer decreases the time you are favored at a different house. Also, the Client of Kourend Quest doesn't offer double favours any longer. It is impossible to increase the rate of your favour.

Why Get Piscarilius Favour?

This guide will begin by describing why Piscarilius House Favor should be added to your account. In truth the benefits from this house aren't as good as the other houses.

100% - Catch Anglerfish

Anglerfish are a great AFK cash-maker for Alt accounts, and you are able to catch them with 100% probability.

75% - Thieving Artifacts for XP

With 75% favor You can also train your criminals to steal artifacts and other items from people who live around the port.

30% -- Raw Food Store

At a cost of 30% favor, you can buy Raw Fish from Franky's Fishing Emporium This is an excellent way to stock with cooking equipment for Ironmen.

20% -- Small Food Store

You can purchase the Small Food Shop in Southern Region with a 20 percent Favour This hasn't really seen many usages.

Strategies to Win Favor

You can earn favor with the Piscarilius House in four ways

Fixing Cranes (No Requirements)

Firstof all, there is no obligation to repair cranes at the Port. You will be given 0.5 percent of favors for each fixed crane.

Collect Fish (5% Req.)

Fish can be bought from Franky when you've earned 15 percent favor. It is a little more difficult than fixing cranes. It's completely free and isn't expensive. It is about 0.02 percent of fish.

Sandworms (30 percent Requirement.)

At 30% you are able to begin searching for Sandworms. This is the fastest method to earn respect at home With each bucket of Sandworms gaining 0.2 percentage favor.

Thieving Artifacts (75 percent Req)

At 75%, you could take part in the theft of Artifacts that provide pretty decent thieving XP however, it's not as swift to gain favor.

Skills Requirements

The only thing you will require to make it to 100% is at the very least 30 hours of crafting in order to fix the cranes.

To follow the fastest method in this guide, you will also need 15 Hunters for Sandworms. It is recommended to have at least 15 Fishing in order to gather Franky or fish, and 49 Thieving for the Thieving method.

Item Requirements

Since the starting favour of the Piscarilius House is quite slow compared to the other houses, it's strongly advised to take the 20 percent favour incentive from the Client of Kourend on this house.

Additionally, there is the Queen of the Thieves Quest that requires a 20% favor, and rewards the winner with a favour certificate of 10 and will bring you up close to 30 percent. These quests can be completed in less than one hour if you choose to complete the quests. It will take you less than two hours without the quest.

The quests you choose to complete will determine the equipment you will require. If you decide not to do one of the quests, you'll need 180 note planks, 1500 steel or 1200 Mithril nails and a Hammer. You can purchase 60 planks off the Queen of Thieves by paying 10%. In other cases, you'll only get 120. You may also take off 120 planks in the event that you are awarded the favor of 20% from the Client of Kourend in the Piscarilius House.

This process is faster for nails of higher quality. However, the speed increases only slightly. So, Steel and Mithril nails are the most value for money. Also, you will require a spade, a few coins, around 50k, and stamina potions are great for some of the methods that you will see. If you choose to employ the technique of Thieving, you'll need one lockpick.

Guide Summary

This is my 100% Piscarilius Favorite Guide. To summarize the best way to go about it is to finish the Client of Kourend and then do the Queen of the Thieves ' Quest to 30% and then to hunt Sandworms until 100%. You can also repair cranes that are up to 30%, and then Sandworms up to 100 percent if you do not want to complete the quest.