Best Point Guard Build in NBA 2K21

It'll help you discover the various skill breakdowns, physical profiles, attribute points, type of body, takeovers, and also lastly, all of the best badges in NBA 2K21 for a point player, to produce the very best point guard in NBA 2K21's MyPlayer.

Point Guards are your facilitators and have their hands in every possession. For a Point player, you require a player that can strike shots, journey backward and forwards the court without obstacle, and also get in touch with teammates for some vital aids and also playmaking.

Having a problem with finding a genuinely fantastic Point player build guide for your player in NBA 2K21? Well, put that battle to bed as in today's article, we will offer to you the best feasible all-around point guard build guide in 2K21. It'll help you discover the various skill breakdowns, physical profiles, attribute points, type of body, takeovers, and also lastly, all of the best badges in NBA 2K21 for a point player, to produce the very best point guard in NBA 2K21's MyPlayer.

NBA 2K21 Point Guard Build



• Close Shot: 83

Some close shots may be essential, so see to it that you have a decent cap of around 85 for your point player build.

• Driving Layup: 90

Posting a cap of 90 for your driving layup will ensure that you don't miss those easy points when they're on the deal.

• Driving Dunk: 82

Point Guards is paid for several of the very best possibilities to beam here, so make sure that you prepare to select a cap of 85.

• Post Hook: 56

Provide the post hook fewer points than various other finishing qualities, going for a cap of 60 at the most.


• Mid-Range Shot: 75

You are anticipated to be a solid mid-range shooter that can take control of the game. So, a cap of 80 is acceptable here, with anything more being a little bit unnecessary.

• Three-Point Shot: 67

As your job is to provide possibilities to your colleagues and take those very easy pails within, a cap of 70 for your three-point shooting will be adequate.

• Free Throw: 82

Similar to any other player on the court, you require to be able to get those free points consistently. A cap of 85 will guarantee that you don't miss out on often.

• Post Fade: 72

Although it isn't as crucial for you to be able to post-fade, it never ever injures to have it simply in case. Topping at 75 needs to offer you with just enough skill to pull it off.


• Pass Accuracy: 86

With the point player being among the primary ball-handlers on the group, having a pass accuracy cap of anything below 85 would certainly be undesirable.

• Ball Handle: 90

Death is crucial to this build, so placing in a ball handle cap of at the very least 90 is a requirement for the very best point player.

Defense/ Rebounding

• Steal: 76

Being slippery is important, and a cap of 80 means you can obtain those critical choices when your opponents aren't watching.

• Defensive Rebound: 65

A cap of 70 ways you can help back-up your essential rebounders if needed, however, you will not be of much assistance if you are the only one going with the ball.


In regards to a type of body for a point player, you ought to ideally try to make them as quickly as feasible, this suggests that they shouldn't be too tall or also heavy.

• Height: 6'2"

For height, our team believes that 6 for 2 is one of the most optimum choices. Going any type of reduced isn't truly going to provide you any kind of added rate, yet will definitely take a hit on your toughness, which is really crucial in NBA 2K21. Also, choosing a greater alternative is going to possibly ruin your build as its extra height will reduce you down as well as decrease the ball-handling abilities. As a point player, you are the person that is responsible for promptly distributing the ball, and also lacking in rate and ball handling, you are no good to the team.

• Weight: 169 lbs

When it comes to weight, we determined to stick with 169lbs, which is pretty light for somebody that is of that height, however, it will maximize our speed capability. Yes, it will take an appeal to our Inside Defense and Post Steps, but we aren't even mosting likely to be taking advantage of those so it does not really issue.

• Wingspan: 83.0"

In regards to wingspan, after some experiments, we concluded that the very best one for our point guard build is 83.0″.

• Takeover: Slasher or Shot Creator

When it comes to applying a Takeover, you have 2 key choices: Slashing and also Shot Creator.

Slashing is an offending Takeover that can boost your driving layup, close shot percentages, and also shooting uniformity. Shot Creator presses you extra in the direction of being the main playmaker for your team, raising your ball handling as well as offensive uniformity.


And finally, the badges. There has actually been quite a big discussion in terms of what the most effective badges for point guard are, however after some trial and error, we believe to have the appropriate formula.

Finishing Badges

• Contact Finisher: Hall of Fame
• Fancy Footwork: Hall of Fame
• Giant Slayer: Hall of Fame
• Relentless Finisher: Hall of Fame

Shooting Badges

• Deadeye: Gold
• Difficult Shots: Gold
• Hot Zone Hunter: Gold
• Range Extender: Gold

Playmaking Badges

• Ankle Breaker: Bronze
• Dimer: Hall of Fame
• Downhill: Bronze
• Floor General: Hall of Fame
• Handles for Days: Hall of Fame
• Quick First Step: Hall of Fame
• Space Creator: Hall of Fame

Defense/ Rebounding Badges

• Clamps: Gold
• Intimidator: Silver

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