In your opinion, what updates could be made to improve the usefulness of shops?

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In your opinion, what updates could be made to improve the usefulness of shops? How will your proposal improve their effectiveness, and what would you think of different hints on OSRS gold this thread? To provide an example suggestion, I believe clothes stores would work nicely if they all worked like Thessalia's, so that no-stat clothing could be part of one's standard clothing. This would increase visits to all those shops because default clothes are respected and valued by many, while clothing on top get in the way of armour or other more important things.

Howdy-hey, guys and gals! Tas here, your friendly here-once, subsequently gone-again RSOF lurker. Anyways! I wanted to let you guys know about the way that I just got scammed, and how you should all avoid it. No one I've talked to has heard about this earlier, however I keyed it together in my mind, and just be sure you don't fall to it yourselves. Be skeptical of users offering exorbitant prices for especially high quantities of crap. "Need 300 steel pickaxes! Will buy for 10k each!" The above occurred to me, at ge. I had one or two steel pickaxes, and also the user purchased them for 10k each, as promised.

Obviously, believing waa-aay quicker than I should have, I ran to the ge and tried to buy a couple hundred more. They did not purchase. And then didn't purchase some more. Before I knew it, I had cranked up the price to the 2k, 3k, 4k stove - only to get the buy, so I could get that stupidly higher gain provided by this user ("10k ea! I ended up spending a couple of mill on 100 or 200 pickaxes, which mysteriously purchased in that specific volume. As soon as I hurried back to the consumer in the ge, he logged. See what happened? He made/bought his very own pickaxes, and then made a"Sell" offer to get a ridiculously high price that no one (save, maybe, for distressed lvl 1 cluers?) Would purchase for - then made a public statement on his despair for needing pickaxes in a HIGHER PRICE THAN HE SOLD FOR.

Once I purchased his lower-priced pickaxes, the notice in the GE came up that his deal had been finished, and he then logged out. The accounts had a bunch of gibberish for cheap RS gold a title, like I said, so I imagine the funds are going to be changed over to a main at any stage. Soagain, be skeptical of users who are posting similar"OMFG should buy naooo" messages, particularly when they need a large bulk amount of a junk item that you would truly normally not have the ability to purchase. Cheers!