You do not have that space

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Yes, and if I own that space in null that's your destination and I don't want you to achieve it safe and I have scouts and decks set up a method a means to prevent you from becoming to my space safely, why should you be able to? Sorry. Wish to EVE Mobile ISK travel through high and low afk and completely safe, that's ok with me. Autopilot should not even be a thing in Null though.

You do not have that space. You're camping out inside until someone larger takes it from you. That is the inevitability. If for some reason the mission system sets a mission for me in your area, you must have no right do keep me from this mission, because assignment has nothing to do with your space nor you. Me running that mission is for myself and myself alone, and does not worry, hurt, or inhibit anyone else. You wouldn't have received this mission whatsoever if I didn't get it.

I fully believe people should have the ability to EVE Echoes Isk Buy reach a destination at a mobile game. That the onus is really on the man defending to perform their defending upon this arrival. In case you can not shield your space from folks who arrive through autopilot, you shouldn't"own" space to begin with.