About ZekChat
Create an account or log into ZekChat. Connect with friends, family and other people you know. Earn points which turns into money. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates. Create Fundraisers, sell and buy items, create posts and blogs, join groups, turn on Dark Mode, and so much more!

ZekChat is a Private Social Media Network subsidiary of ZekHub™ created in December 2019. ZekChat is designed to be an alternative to Facebook and to connect with the world, your friends, and your family. ZekChat supports "Freedom of Speech" and is "Censorship Free." ZekChat users are allowed to criticize anything and even ZekHub and its subsidiaries and CEO on the ZekChat platform. What makes ZekChat different from other Social Media Networks is that we don't sell your personal information to ANYONE or ANYBODY. ZekChat users can also make money through the platform and even advertise their product and service. ZekChat complies with the COPPA law by stating that this platform is "Not for kids." ZekChat users may post anything they want which may include content" Not for kids." As stated, ZekChat is a subsidiary of ZekHub™. ZekHub™ is a company whose purpose is to provide jobs around the world and create opportunities for everyone in need. ZekHub™ has plans to help the homeless, unemployed, misplaced/refugees, extreme poverty, ill, disabled, handicapped, single parents, those who are in between jobs, searching for better opportunities, etc. globally. ZekHub™ intentions are to create a Zekistani Dream for those around the world. Zekistan is currently a *fictional nation but awaiting yet to be recognized by the United Nations sometime in the near future. Zekistan was founded on the 11 of November in 2019 where ZekHub™ is intentionally supposed to be based.